John Mayer Black One Strat pickups

“Well Mister Rogers would, every show, go to maybe like a factory where cheese was made, or to the set of a movie, or where they make crayons, or a fisher boat… he would just go on these adventures. And I sort of saw of it as like, I wanna to visit where guitars are made. I want to spend a couple days and I want to watch how these guys do it, and I want to build a guitar – I want to put my own hands on a guitar and I wanna build it.

“So I went down to Corona, California to the John Mayer Black One Strat pickups for two days. Started from scratch, picked a block of wood, y’know, knocked on it – which did nothing but it made me feel like I was looking for tone! Put it on the CNC machine… I mean people were doing it for me, but they’d at least let me do one side of the guitar or something.

“And I put it together, then sprayed it, painted the thing, then left it there and John Cruz distressed it and sent it to me… sounded like shit! Which just broke my heart. Turned out there was a problem with the grounding, the shielding inside the guitar. As soon as it got fixed it was like, waaaaaaa! It was dream-come-true.

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