Gibson Angus Young Signature SG guitar sale

Way back in 1961 the Gibson SG electric guitar replaced the under appreciated Les Paul Standard, and while the Les Paul would surface later in the decade as a rock and blues classic, the Gibson SG (originally named Les Paul/SG) was an instant hit in its own right. Its simple yet inspired ingredients of thin, all-mahogany body and neck and two Gibson humbucking pickups gave it a snappy attack with a muscular punch, and its slim, fast neck yielded unprecedented playability.

The Gibson SG Angus Young guitar not only captures the look, feel, and sound of a classic SG, the Gibson electric guitar also embodies some of the rare specs and qualities of Angus Young’s own ’68 guitar, known to be a standout example among a classic breed. The Angus Young guitar’s light, all-mahogany body yields superb resonance, while its extra slim, narrow neck provides unparalleled playability—and, topped with an upgraded rosewood fingerboard with lightning-bolt inlays, it features a look that will help any rocker stand out from the crowd. Loaded with Gibson’s popular ’57 Classic humbucking pickup in the neck and an Angus Young humbucker in the bridge for added punch and sizzle, it packs all the firepower a gigging guitarist needs to cut it on the big stage.

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